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GEICO vs. Liberty Mutual: Two Major Players in the Industry

Buying a home is a big deal. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or simply moving into a different residence, your home is an important purchase. Your abode costs a lot of money, and it is the epicenter of family life. Since your home is so near and dear to your heart, it makes sense that you'd want to protect this crucial investment. Choose an insurance company that you feel like you can trust. If you're looking at big names in the insurance industry, you might be comparing GEICO vs. Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual insurance and GEICO insurance options

When weighing GEICO vs. Liberty Mutual, pay close attention to product offerings. Both GEICO and Liberty Mutual offer home insurance. However, specific home insurance products vary according to company. Both providers sell homeowners, renters, condo and flood insurance, but only Liberty Mutual offers landlord protection and only GEICO offers mobile home coverage.

What GEICO insurance and Liberty Mutual insurance have in common

Regular home insurance is available from both GEICO and Liberty Mutual. Whether you choose a GEICO or Liberty Mutual insurance policy, you'll have to calculate how much dwelling coverage you'll need. Dwelling coverage encompasses the structure of your home and protects it from specified perils. Your coverage limit should be set at the amount you would need to rebuild your home should it be destroyed by a covered peril. In most standard policies, insurance typically will cover damage from dangers such as fire, heavy winds, hail and explosions.

Renters and condo policies are obviously for folks who live in a complex or rent their home from a landlord. Landlord policies or policies belonging to owners of a complex generally don't cover tenants or tenants' belongings. If you're living in a condo or renting a home or apartment, you should strongly consider these types of insurance policies. You'll get liability protection as well as coverage for your possessions.

How Liberty Mutual insurance and GEICO insurance differ

When deciding the outcome of the GEICO vs. Liberty Mutual matchup, it comes down to which provider better matches your needs and which one you feel is the right fit for you. Both Liberty Mutual home insurance and GEICO insurance have their own ways of determining quotes and addressing claims, so be sure to address those issues as you search for coverage.

Wondering about your other options? There are other policies available besides Liberty Mutual home insurance and GEICO insurance. serves to help you compare home insurance providers for you and your household. Browse the site to learn about other insurance companies. You'll find information about insurance coverage types and rates, as well as basic business information. The insurance industry is vast - you may or may not opt for a GEICO or Liberty Mutual home insurance policy. Once you've decided who wins in GEICO vs. Liberty Mutual, take a look at other companies, too. With the right knowledge, you'll be able to find the best insurance policy.